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Articles on September 11th

These articles by some of the leading scholars and commentators of Islam in the English language offer incisive and thought provoking analysis of the horrendous events that took place on September 11th. These events will forever have a lasting impact on all citizens of the world. Hopefully the articles will show people that whilst the terrorists may have been identified with Islam and Muslims, they and those whom they follow are far from the core teachings and basic principles of this great Abrahamic faith.

- Mas'ud Ahmed Khan

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A Time for Introspection
Hamza Yusuf Hanson

"On September 11th our lives changed forever. We witnessed an act of aggression that in many ways does not have a parallel in past or present times. There are several elements that make this act unique, from the use of civilian planes as weapons of mass destruction to the attack on the most widely recognised skyscrapers in the world. Nor have we ever witnessed the terrible indictment of Islam as having a part to play in such a heinous crime" [more]

Recapturing Islam from the Terrorists
Abdal-Hakim Murad
"...there is much despair, but there are also grounds for hope. The controls of two great vehicles, the State Department, and Islam, need to be reclaimed in the name of sanity and humanity. It is always hard to accept that good might come out of evil; but perhaps only a catastrophe on this scale, so desolating, and so seemingly hopeless, could provide the motive and the space for such a reclamation." [more]



Making the World Safe for Terrorism
Nuh Ha Mim Keller
"If there are altogether no moral reasons for this crime, there is perhaps a discoverable mentality behind it. We call it “terrorism,” in view of its typical motive, which is to strike terror into the hearts of those conceived to be guilty by committing atrocities against those of the innocent who resemble the guilty closely enough, whether in race, citizenship, or social class, for the terror not to be lost on the guilty. But its enormity as a crime, as I apprehend it, lies less in the motive of its perpetrators, which is bad enough, than in the fact that shedding innocent blood is wrong." [more]

Why Extremism Will Always Fail
Abd el-Wahid Miranda
"Two weeks after the World Trade Center disaster, a Black Muslim of my acquaintance visited a news store situated a few blocks from the site of the catastrophe. The store, which had reopened that day, was run by five Senegalese immigrants. Their Muslim background was clearly known to the lady who walked in, who came straight up to them and said: ‘We’re so sorry about what happened. Don’t worry. We know it wasn’t Muslims who did it. It was the Wahhabis!’" [more] also available in Spanish.



with Shaykh Nuh by Voice of the Cape radio station
"I am hopeful. Anyone who wants to understand everything about what’s going on in this world or the next only has to read the Qur’an. He will understand why Allah Most High has created good people, why He has created wicked people, and why He has created everything in this world and in the next. Everything is part of Allah’s grand purpose. It’s impossible to read the Qur’an without being hopeful." [more]

with Dr. Mansur Abdussalam Escudero
Former President of the Spanish Federation of Islamic Religious Organisations
"We viewed the attacks, nonetheless, with a very high degree of concern. Initially there was the pain for the innocent victims and their families, expressed in many letters of condolence. This was followed, secondly, and as a result of the media treatment of the event, by a preoccupation with the consequences of the attack. We Spanish Muslims have seen our religion, our spiritual way, demonized and transformed by the power of the press into something monstrous. " [more]



The Language of Islamophobia
Jeremy Henzell-Thomas
"So we understand the immense power of words. But with that power comes a truly awesome  responsibility. In speaking of the language of Islamophobia, it would be a very simple matter to give examples over the last two weeks of the abuse of that power, what William Dalrymple castigates in a recent article in The Independent as the “ludicrously unbalanced, inaccurate and one-sided” images of Islam perpetrated by what he calls the “scribes of the new racism” even in our quality broadsheets. This is not, of course, a new phenomenon." [more]

The Events of September 11th:
Thoughts and Emotions - Atif Imtiaz
"Such is the perceived enormity of that day that we cannot even categorise it; it remains beyond categorisation. The sheer violence of the initial impact followed by the heart-crushing collapse of the twin towers was more than this soul could bear, and I began to turn my face away as the TV editors repeatedly showed the images of death." [more]