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A new title on Sufism from The Qulliam Press


by Abd al-Khaliq al-Shabrawi

This book unlocks the secrets of the seven degrees through which the soul progresses as it travels the Sufi Path to its Lord. It teaches the novice how to transform the Inciting Soul, the lowest and most egotistical of the self's manefestations, into the Reproachful Soul, which must then become Inspired, Serene, Contented and Found Pleasing, until it attains the ultimate degree of sanctity and wholeness as the Perfect Soul.

To achieve this progressive purification of the self, special Sufi practices, litanies and attitudes of mind are recommended. Both practical and profound, this book offers a concise manual of Sufi teaching on the Way to spiritual liberation.

The Author

Shaykh Abd al-Khaliq al-Shabrawi (1887-1947) was employed as a professor at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, but was-well known as a realised master of the great Khalwati Order of sufis. A tireless worker for spiritual unity and harmony, he was also initiated into the Naqshbandi and Shadhilli OrderDegress of the Soul is the first English translation of his best-loved summary of spiritual wisdom.


Publication date 1st February 1997

ISBN 1 872038 12 3 cased 12.95
ISBN 1 872038 13 1 paper 4.95

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Abdul Wadod Shalabi. 1989.
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Of all the world's religions. Islam is both
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1 872038 02 6 - 3.95 ukp (paper)


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Desert Encounter.

Knud Holmboe. 1994 (repr. of 1936 ed).
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thrilling voyage through colonial North
Africa, and his experience of the horrors
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`An astonishing narrative' DAILY TELEGRAPH
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The Muslim Marriage Guide.

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A practical guied to the spiritual, economic
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among Muslims living in modern Britain.
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but for counsellors and social administrators as well

1 872038 11 5 - 5.95 ukp (paper)




The Book of Assistance.

Imam al-Haddad, translated by Mostafa al-Badawi. 1989.
Pages vii+142. 216x138mm.

Long popular in Arabic, and in Swahili and Malay
versions, this classic text offers a complete
guide to Muslim devotions, prayers and practical

1 872038 00 X - 9.95 ukp (cloth)
1 872038 01 8 - 5.95 ukp (paper)


Key to the Garden.

Habib Ahmad al-Haddad, translated by Mostafa al-Badawi. 1990.
Pages ix+153. 216x138mm.

An exposition by a modern Yemeni writer
of the subtle relationship between faith and
spiritual illumination.

1 872038 05 0 - 10.95 ukp (cloth)
1 872038 06 9 - 4.95 ukp (paper)


The Lives of Man.

Imam al-Haddad, translated by Mostafa al-Badawi. 1991.
Pages xiv+97. 216x138mm.

A brief tour of the five lives of man:
before conception, in the world, life in the
grave, at the Resurrection, and in Heaven or Hell,
explaining the nature of the soul at each stage.

1 872038 07 7 - 10.95 ukp (cloth)
1 872038 08 5 - 3.95 ukp (paper)


Gifts for the Seeker.

Imam al-Haddad, translated by Mostafa al-Badawi. 1992.
Pages xiv+75. 216x138mm.

A collection of letter to seeker of guidance
on such questions as the problem of divine unity
and the relationship between mind and the heart.

1 872038 09 3 - 7.95 ukp (cloth)



Essentials of Islam.

Ahmad al-Habshi. 1993.
Pages 28. 216x138mm.

A brief summary of the rules of Islamic worship
according to the Shafi'i school of jurispridence.

0 92520853 0 5 - 1.95 ukp (cloth)


Understanding the Four Madhhabs.

Abdal Hakim Murad. 1995.
Pages 32. 216x138mm.

Explains with detailed notes the Islamic
legal requirement that Muslims should
follow authentic scholarship.

0 92520853 1 3 - 1.00 ukp (cloth)




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