British Muslim Heritage
The Crescent, xxvi, 355 (1905)

On Tuesday morning last, 1st Shawall, 1323, the festival of the Lesser Bairam, or Eid-ul-Fitr, was celebrated at the Liverpool Mosque in an appropriate manner. The azan was given by Brother Omar Oghlou Ibrahim, of Trebizonde. There was a very large attendance. The prayers were led and the khutba recited by Brother S. Mahmoud Bey, after which special doas were offered for His Imperial Majesty, the Caliph of the Faithful, and also for the confusion of the giaours.

The following special doa being offered by H.E. Abdullah Quilliam Bey, Sheikh of the True-Believers in the British Isles:-

“O, One only and Eternal God, Merciful and Compassionate, Almighty Creator of us all! Our hearts are filled with hymns of praise to Thee, and with our souls and all that is within us we would now bless and adore Thee. For sleep and safety during the past night, for life, and health, and strength this day, for protection and help during the holy month of Ramazan just past, for food and clothing, and a dwelling-place in which to abide; and for all that supplies the needs of the body, we gratefully thank Thee. For all these and all other blessings Thou art the blessed and bountiful Giver. We not only thank and praise Thee for these creature comforts, but also for Thy great kindness in time past in sending teachers and prophets down to this earth to instruct mankind in the knowledge of Thy Truth, and more especially do we bless and praise Thee for the inestimable blessing of the possession of the sacred volume, the Koran-i-Shareef, which Thou didst in Thy great mercy and kindness cause to be revealed to us through thy holy servant, apostle and messenger, the ever-blessed Mahomed (May Eternal Peace and every blessing be upon him and his descendents), and which sacred book contains all that is necessary to be known by human creatures while in this world concerning Thee.

We receive from Thee, oh eternal God, every day mercies more than we can number, and blessings more precious than we can describe, and we are sensible of obligations which these feeble words of adoration of ours do not and cannot express. Accept, therefore, O Most merciful God, not merely these the praises of our faltering lips, but the unuttered and inexpressible gratitude of our hearts.” | British Muslim Heritage