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A Ballad Of Chivalry
by Yahya-En-Nasr Parkinson

Beneath Andalou's sky,
	In pale star's feeble light,
A host of banners fly
	O'er men in armour bright.
	In darkness of the night
They gather on the plain,
	De Leon and his might,
The chivalry of Spain.

In splendid panoply
	Those warriors bedight,
Against the Moor they hie,
	For battle's their delight.
	Hidalgo, serf and knight,
The Cross for to maintain;
	"For Jesus and the Right,"
The chivalry of Spain.

'Mid Ronda mountains high,
	That makes each cheek turn white,
Hark to that fearful cry
	Ringing from height to height:
	"Ez Zagel! To the fight!"
They seek escape in vain,
	They fail both left and right,
The chivalry of Spain.

	Envoi -

O! 'twas a wondrous sight
	To see that gorgeous train
In terror-stricken flight,
	The chivalry of Spain.

(Belfast, April 4, 1903.) | British Muslim Heritage