British Muslim Heritage > Poetry 
TO _____ ______.
Once again in thought I see thee;
	Feel thy tender pensive glance;
And the wavering eyelids tremble
	But the liquid eyes entrance.
See the glinting sunlight glowing,
	On thy loose unbraided hair;
Tresses straying o'er thy shoulders,
	Flutter like a streamer there.
Seem to see thy lips so tempting,
	With a ruby rich as wine;
And I long to quaff that nectar,
	To press forever mine to thine.
As a bee in fields of clover
	Honey from each flow'ret sips;
So I long to steal ambrosia,
	To drink and die upon thy lips.
Panting perish on thy bosom,
	From thy breast and bliss depart;
In my soul the dying rapture,
	Be the swellings of thy heart. | British Muslim Heritage