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Ez Zegri
by Yahya-En-Nasr Parkinson

See, 'tis the gleaming of armour!
	Behold the glitter of spears!
Muslim cohorts advancing,
	Islam's noblest peers.

Graceful the curving of war-steed,
	Graceful the tilting of lance;
Proudly the banners are streaming,
	And proudly the horsemen prance.

Ever the foremost in conflict,
	Foemen before them shall reel;
Ruby drops drip from their lances,
	Crimson the glare of their steel.

Death's in the cup that they offer,
	And deep shall each foeman drain,
When that the music of battle
	Pours forth its martial refrain.

Thy deeds, O Granada, the peerless!
	Round Islam's heart shall entwine.
Engraved on her banners of learning,
	Bright stars that eternal shine.

Dark is the eye of the chieftain,
	And dark 'gainst his turban's fold
Flashes his lady-love's favour,
Jet black on the glittering gold.

Flower of Mussulman knighthood,
	Gallant in charge or in chase,
Prince of the Beni Zegri,
	The pride of Granada's race.

Onward, then, the Campeador's
	'Gainst Espana's dons do go.
Caballeros, Granadinos,
	Nurtured 'neath Nevada's snow. | British Muslim Heritage