British Muslim Heritage > Poetry 
Samuel Gasking (1906)
Praises be to Allah,
	The Almighty One,
For there is no other,
	Equal he hath none,
He hath had no partner,
	All the world is His,
And of all within it
	He Creator is.
Made by him were all things.
	He the sun did form,
Plac'd it in the heavens,
	Day to light and warm;
And as monumental
	Of his wondrous pow'r,
There is none beside him,
	High o'er all doth tow'r.
He the moon did fashion,
	And its course did set,
With a light of silver,
	Shine he doth it let.
Night's illuminator,
	He its change ordains,
From it time's computing
	Man by watching gains,
Incandescent vapour,
	Ev'rything did drape.
From it earth he fashion'd,
	And did give it shape,
Plac'd thereon the mountains,
	Stable fix'd and fast,
And made paths between them,
	So that men go past.
He the two seas 'stablish'd,
	Salt and also sweet;
And within those waters
	Plac'd the finny fleet.
Man he also fashion'd 
	From the clayey ground,
Gave him habitation
	On this planet round.
Of discrimination
	Gave he him the skill,
So that good or evil
	He could tell at will.
He with bright lamps in it
	Form'd the spacious sky;
He is God Almighty,
	Lord of stars on high.
Universal Master,
	He to earth did say -
Now upon thy axis
	Turn from day to day,
And perform thy circuit
	All around the sun;
Fix'd upon an orbit
	Therefore ever run.
On the earth, oh, wait thou!
	To the moon said he;
And her faithful servant
	Do thou constant be.
Wind his pow'r attesteth,
	Thunder sounds his praise;
Tenderness the zephyr
	Breathes throughout the days.
He is God the Sole One;
	He is God the true;
He is God the Only,
	Praises are His due.
He is the Exalter,
	Honourer and guide,
Keeper of all secrets,
	Nought from Him we hide.
He is God of mercy,
	He is pity great;
He is life's sweet giver,
	He decrees our fate.
There is none beside him,
	First and last is He,
Aye, his mercy dureth,
	Prais'd is He to be. | British Muslim Heritage