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'Fiordelisa' (1905)
One, of all the virtues
	That I most admire,
Calleth for endurance,
	Trial, perhaps, by fire.
But, however painful,
	Keeping it may be;
Yet I would possess it,
	Staunch fidelity.

Soldiers in the combat,
	Tho' in mortal pain,
At the post of 'duty,'
	Faithful will remain;
So in worldly conflict
	Should the cry be heard,
'E'en defeat falls lighter,
	If we keep our word!'

'Give no heed to gossip
	Of an idle tongue,
Tho' perchance thro' venom
	Are our feelings wrung;
Rather wait in patience
	God's appointed time,
While we learn our lesson,
	'Forgiveness is divine.'

Faithful then if need be,
	All our earthly years,
Knowing many pathways
	Sown, alas, in tears;
But how great the triumph
	When Great Allah saith,
'Come, for ye are worthy,
	Faithful unto death.'

Such the welcome tender'd
	By the God of Love,
Who has watch'd his children
	From his throne above,
Knowing how their brave hearts
	Suffer'd many a pain,
Nobly borne in silence,
	Faithful to remain.

Fidelity in all things,
	Be our aim to-day;
Raise our social standard,
	And do not delay;
Make our noble Empire
Good as it is brave,
Nor to one its subjects
	Be to vice a slave. | British Muslim Heritage