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'Fiordelisa' (1908)
Press onward in Life's battle,
	Where moral courage wins;
Your charity shall cover
	A multitude of sins,
If given in all sincerity
	To God who reigns above,
Amid that life so perfect,
	Whose attribute is Love.

Press onward in the conflict,
	Give succour to the weak;
Be kind to all God's creatures,
	The Heavenly kingdom seek.
So that when Satan tempts you
	To do the thing that's wrong,
Ye shall in well prov'd armour
	Be stronger than the strong.

O, girls and boys of Islam!
	Your talents one or more
God gives you for His service,
	To add unto His store;
If faithful in your efforts,
	And kind to man and beast,
It may be in God's kingdom
	You will not be the least. | British Muslim Heritage