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Ameenah Emily Lincoln (1898)
This glorious proclamation
	Th'Arabian prophet gave,
A fiat to his nation
	And freedom to the slave,
La illa ha, illa Llah!
As far as it can go,
	Proclaims One God,
	On sea and sod,
As countless millions show.

Now, God's name be exalted
	To earth's remotest bound,
These words nor stay'd, nor halted,
	And ever shall resound, 
La illa ha, illa Llah!
In peace or war declare.
	They'll bless home life,
	And in the strife
They Islam's foes shall scare.

Muhammad's holy work complete
	Revivified the East,
He was the promised Paraclete,
	Prophet, King and Priest.
Let every tongue this truth declare,
	And every life attest,
There's but one God, He has no peer,
	Till from North South and West, 
La illa ha, illa Llah!
Shall sound o'er land and sea,
	This universal creed shall show
God's power and unity. | British Muslim Heritage