British Muslim Heritage > Poetry 
by Abdullah Quilliam
Courage brother! Do not falter,
	Dry your tears and cease from sighing;
Though clouds look black, they soon may alter,
	And the sun will send them flying.

"Out of evil oft cometh good,"
	Is a maxim to my liking;
The blacksmith well the iron beateth,
	But 'tis better for his striking.

Work today and give up grieving,
	Know that joy is born of sorrow;
And though to-day is rainy weather,
	Hap 'twill brighter be to-morrow.

Gambling doth not make our labour
	The least bit more a pleasant task;
'Tis joyful heart that lightens trouble,
	Contentment brings to those who ask.

First the childhood, then the manhood;
	First the task and then the story;
'Tis after nightfall comes the dawning,
	First the shade and then the glory.

Woodland Towers, Onchan,
Isle of Man,
23rd October 1904. | British Muslim Heritage