British Muslim Heritage > Poetry 
by Abdullah Quilliam

“Your smiling good-naturedly in
your brother’s face is charity.”

As fair as the morning,
	And as full of grace,
Is the bright friendly smile,
	On a good-natured face.

As firm as a mountain,
	Deny it who can,
Is the grasp of the hand,
	Of the good-hearted man.

As welcome as sunshine,
	True warmth to impart,
Is the sweet kindly word
	From a good-natured heart.

As pure as the dew-drop,
	So tender, so dear,
Is the sympathy shown
	By the good-natured tear.

(Woodland Towers, Onchan, Isle of Man,
6, Ramazan, 1324 (22nd. October, 1906.)) | British Muslim Heritage