British Muslim Heritage > Poetry 
by Abdullah Quilliam

I have no wish, oh Allah, but Thy will;
I have no chart but Thy unerring word
Which in the cave the Holy Prophet heard
That blessed night upon bleak Hira’s hill.
I trust in Thee, I wait in patience still
For the reward for all that I have wrought,
For good deeds done, for battles grimly fought
’Gainst passion’s might and all the hosts of ill.
My inmost heart, my very thoughts are known;
There is no secret hidden, unconfess’d,
For Thou dost search, Oh Allah, every breast,
That power is Thine, and only Thine alone.
So let me live, Oh God, so let my life be passed,
That when I die, I rest with Thee at last.

(10 Shaaban, 1323) | British Muslim Heritage