British Muslim Heritage > Poetry 
by Amherst D. Tyssen
The Signs of God - Adapted from the Koran.

Where'er we turn our reverent gaze,
	On fields or seas or skies,
Signs of a wise Creator's hand
	Greet our enquiring eyes.

Th'alternate change of day and night
	For labour and for rest,
The varied seasons of the year
	With corn and olives blest,

The bounteous clouds, whose pitying tears
	Refresh the soil with rain,
The winds that speed the laden bark
	Safe o'er the trackless main,

The glorious sun, whose genial beams
	From earth charm fruit and flowers,
The gentle moon, that spares to heat
	But lights our darkest hours.

The stars, that guide the nightly course,
	Of ship and caravan
All, all proclaim a gracious God,
	Who formed the world for man. | British Muslim Heritage